About Shearwell Data in The USA

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Our History

Shearwell Data is an animal identification and software management business, supporting livestock farmers in the USA and around the world. Since the early 1990s, Shearwell has been pioneering livestock identification systems. Our product ranges include sheep and cattle visual and RFID tags, RFID readers and Stock Recorders, weighing and drafting equipment and a growing range of livestock husbandry products.

Seep With Ear Tags from Shearwell Data

Our Experience

As a farmer-owned business, Shearwell Data understands farmers’ needs and challenges. All products are trialled on our own farms before going into production to ensure qualityreliability and ease of use.

RFID provides livestock farmers with an in-depth knowledge of an animal’s health and performance, whether for finishing or breeding purposes, and it is used increasingly by both pedigree and commercial sheep and cattle farmers. Data collected can identify productive and unproductive stock, assist in the selection of animals to retain for breeding and help to improve the health and welfare of livestock.

North American Sheep With Ear Tags