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Working to help the livestock farmer

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..and thanks for visiting our site.

Thanks too for welcoming us to Brazil! Shearwell is committed to helping the livestock farmer and we are delighted, after our fantastic experiences at ExpoInter 2013, to be launching a dedicated website for Shearwell Brazil shortly.

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Richard Webber, founder and Director of Shearwell Data

Established in 1990

Working to help the livestock farmer

Since 1990 Shearwell Data has been developing and manufacturing new products to help livestock farmers around the world benefit from technological advances, on their own terms.

Livestock identification and management are the two areas we are best known for – including our visual and electronic tags for livestock, electronic management systems, mobile phone apps - and the cornerstones of traceability and breed improvement.

99.5% tag retention!

This matters to us because we are farmers too. We test and use our equipment and solutions ourselves. That experience (and the feedback from farmers around the globe) gives us the confidence to recommend what we offer our customers.

And it’s worth pointing out here too that our own Shearwell SET sheep tags, for both visual and electronic ID purposes, are famous for their 99.5% retention rate.

Shearwell in Brazil

We were really pleased to visit Expointer 2013 and proud to be asked to make a short presentation of our livestock tracking in action. We are represented in Brazil by our friend and colleague Marcio Aguinsky.

We shall be making our solutions available for farmers in Brazil as soon as possible and our new website will provide a portal for information on these as well as a source of information and links. To help us bring you more of the solutions that will help your livestock business grow, please get in touch. Tell us what’s most important to you and what would help you most.

See how much you could benefit

In the meantime you can still have a good look at the many things that will help your livestock business thrive and expand. Please click through to our Shearwell UK site where you can see all our products - from Shearwell SET tags for visual and electronic identification (the ones with the 99.5% retention rate!) through our Auto Drafter, Weigh Crates and RFID stick readers to a whole range of products manufactured or selected by us to help the livestock farmer.

You'll also find YouTube videos showing Shearwell solutions in use and information about Shearwell the company as well as field trials.

Don’t wait, get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the products you see, or you’d just like to be the first to know when our Brazil site goes live,please get in touch with us

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