The sheep weigh crate maximises the efficiency of read by reducing areas that could cause interference, creating a weigh crate that is very effective. Trials have shown that over 400 more sheep can be weighed and recorded using an electronic weigh crate fitted with a static reader than can be read and recorded manually in one hour.

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RFID tags and devices can be read in any orientation. Use with our Race Reader & Stock Recorder for automatic hands-free data capture.

FarmWorks by SDL uses this data to assist the identification of productive and efficient stock providing weight gain reports that help to compare dams, sires, breeds, management groups or the source of the stock.

With the Shearwell Weigh Crate you get:

• Shearwell SDL700C Management Crate
• Shearwell SDL150S EID Race Reader (pair of antennas)
• Shearwell Stock Recorder (optional)

A Shearwell Stock Recorder is required for the management functions. We price it separately (with some discount) because you may already have one.

If you already have loads bars or a weigh scale indicator, for example, these may be compatible so please contact us to check.