RFID SET Tag 940 – Layout 2


Sold in strips of 10.

Light, durable and easy-to-apply one-piece RFID ear tag.

Layout 2:
Fixed text on female side, Max 10 Characters.
Prefix before and Suffix after the tag number.
Allows for management text before the Prefix, 6 Characters.
Full RFID print on the end of each tag in a ring.

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For fast, accurate identification of your livestock using RFID and as the heart of integrated electronic ID and management systems combining e.g. weigh crates, auto drafters and mobile phone apps. You can read the sheep’s ID without needing to handle the animal.

(Use with a Visual SET Tag if double tagging.)

A durable, light sheep tag for the electronic identification of your sheep. As well as containing an integrated, unique RFID chip with an excellent read range, the ear tag is available in 11 colours and has space for extensive visual management information such as holding number and other essential information.

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Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, White, Grey, Pink, Brown, Black, Spearmint