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Shearwell USDA approved electronic sheep tags
USDA approves Shearwell SET tag!

The USDA has approved the Shearwell SET tag for its National Scrapie Eradication Program. This tag, with its 99.5% retention rate, is now approved as an official tag for use with sheep, goats, deer, elk, alpacas and llamas.

Now farmers in the US can also benefit from our SET tags, the best-selling sheep tags in Britain and Canada.

These are available as official USDA tags in yellow, white, green, spearmint, orange, pink, purple, brown, grey, black and red.  Management tags can be any of these colors with the additional option of blue.

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If you haven’t heard of us before, you’ll wonder why not. If you have, you’ll know that our goal at Shearwell is to help the livestock farmer. We will be launching a new dedicated website to offer farmers in the US the same benefits our customers in other countries enjoy, but we’re not quite there yet. So please be patient, read on and click through to look at what we have on our UK webshop and be sure to come back.

Sign up, and we’ll notify you as soon as the US site is up and running and you’ll be among the first to benefit.

Video demonstrating the safe and correct tagging procedure for RFID sheep tags

Richard Webber, founder and Director of Shearwell Data

Established in 1990

Working to help the livestock farmer

Since 1990 Shearwell Data has been developing and manufacturing new products to help livestock farmers around the world benefit from technological advances, on their own terms.

Our Livestock Identification and Management solutions, including visual and electronic tags, electronic management systems, mobile phone apps - are the cornerstones of livestock traceability and breed improvement.

RFID-enabled weigh crate

99.5% tag retention!

Those things really matter to us because we are farmers too. We test and use our equipment and solutions ourselves, every day. That (and the feedback we get from other farmers around the globe) gives us the confidence to recommend them to our customers.

And we also always like to point out that our USDA-approved Shearwell SET sheep tags, visual and electronic, are famous for their 99.5% retention rate!

Shearwell RFID ear tags for sheep

On our UK webshop you’ll find a bunch of smart things, large and small, to help your livestock business thrive and expand - from Shearwell SET tags for visual and electronic identification (you remember, the ones with the 99.5% retention rate!) through to our Auto Drafter, Weigh Crates and RFID handheld readers developed by us to help livestock farmers like you.

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You’ll also be able to watch our YouTube videos to see Shearwell solutions in use and find information about Shearwell the company as well as some field trials.

Currently you can’t buy straight off the site, but it won’t be long. So in the meantime, browse at will and if you need any more information or want to talk to a real person on the phone about anything you have seen, call our US representative Dan Persons.

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