Generic or Scrapie Approved Visual & RFID Set Tags

Ear Tags

Ear Tags

Shearwell makes a full range of reliable visual and RFID ear tags. The tags have a 99.5% retention rate, eliminate irritation and the laser-etched data has excellent legibility.


Animal Handling Systems

Our handling systems offer you maximum flexibility with a wide range of add-ons, interchangeable parts and apps for managing your livestock.


Animal Management Software

We offer a range of cutting edge, industry-leading software solutions for desktop, EID readers and mobile apps.

EID Readers

RFID Readers

We are experienced in developing handheld and fixed EID readers that assist with legislation compliance and recording management information.


Animal Husbandry

We stock a range of husbandry products to support your livestock farming needs.  All of our products are tested on our farm before being approved for sale.  As a farmer owned business we know the importance of having the right product to do the job.

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