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MET Tag - Metal Cattle RFID Tag | Layout 5

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The Shearwell Metal Cattle EID Tag is a revolutionary product, combining excellent retention and RFID capabilities. Designed by the Shearwell team who brought you the market leading sheep SET Tag, the Metal Cattle EID tag has been designed around the very popular metal tag, which has been a favourite of livestock farmers for many years.

Shearwell Data Ltd is the first company in the world to offer an official metal EID tag for cattle, that combines the durability of a metal tag with the reliability and RFID capabilities of an EID tag. It has been trialed on farms around the country, with huge success.

Features include:

• Designed for excellent retention capabilities

• Made from Stainless Steel

• Incorporates RFID capabilities (ISO 11784/11785 – 134.2kHz)

• Tag number applied using permanent laser mark process

• Tamper resistant

• Tamper evident

• Supplied in strips of 20 tags

Tagging Instructions

Please note that colors displayed on your monitor may appear different from the actual tag color and that the layout previews are indicative only, designed to show relative sizes of text, fonts and position.

The previews may not be pixel-perfect! For USDA official tags only: animal numbers will be supplied by the USDA during the tag manufacturing process - the official animal numbers shown on tag previews are always random and intended to give an indication of the format of the tag, they are not the actual numbers that will be printed on your tags.

For incrementing printed visual Management Numbers, the numbers shown on the tag preview are the actual numbers that will be printed on your tags. The first and last tags in the run are shown so you can clearly see what the number range is.

If you would like leading zeros in your management numbers, please type them into the start number box e.g. type 00001. If you would like a space in the management text or numbers you select, please enter a space where applicable.