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FarmWorks (Mobile) App by SDL Add On Subscription - for Android™

For whichever Farmworks Software solution you use, you can add on The Farmworks Mobile App for an annual fee.

The app can be used to:
- Record animal movements, births, deaths and replacements.
- Record medical treatments and procedures.
- Record animal comments and groups for management purposes.
- View animal details of all sheep and cattle on your farm.
- Connect via Bluetooth to the Shearwell Data EID Stick Reader. See here for details.

For full details, please refer to the user guide:

Contact us to request a demonstration disk

For FarmWorks Mobile by SDL to operate. you must activate the mobile licence within FarmWorks by SDL on the PC.

The mobile licence can be added to the 3 main FarmWorks by SDL versions

Product Code SDL-FWMAPAS

Product Description

All information recorded using the app is synchronised with FarmWorks by Shearwell Data Ltd. This synchronisation process requires the FarmWorks computer and device running the app to be connected to the same broadband router.

Android App

FarmWorks (Mobile) by SDL app connects to your local home WiFi network to synchronise with FarmWorks by SDL on your PC
Home WiFi Network

Both the smart phone and PC must be on the same home network
FarmWorks by SDL
Farm Management Software

Running on a Windows PC or laptop connected to the same home network through cable or WiFi

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